S Series (Black)

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Built-with Features

  • SMART ECO FAN (NEW!) - Control with Smartphone / Smartspeakers
  • Energy efficient- using 80% less electricity
  • Strong and powerful - brings down temperature rapidly
  • Silent operation - minimal noise generated
  • Reverse Airflow function - circulates the surrounding air by reversing the direction of air flow.
  • Auto-circulating mode - allows circulation of air every two hours to allow constant air circulation, if set.
  • Natural wind - mimics the quality of natural wind
  • Anti-static coating - lowers the amount of dust build up
  • Safety feature - automatically stops if it hits something while in operation
  • Programmable memory - memorises the setting of the last input

Optional Features

  • OSRAM Dimmable LED light - features three-tone colors (adjustable brightness level). E.g. Warm, cool, daylight.